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the lyrics

Just let it come to you
I Found You
Blessing in Diguise
I Just Don't Know
Miss Jamaica
Go Slow
Time Race
It Will Be Alright
Eye of the Storm


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words & music by Christopher Leva
When you look too hard you make your vision blurry
when you want too much it only makes you worry
Just let it come to you the only thing that you can do
cause like it or not the night will fall
go through the door - don't scale the wall

when you think too much you just get more confused
if you bitch too much you'll be the next accused
Just let it come to you the only thing that you can do
love your gift and know it's true
You can't confine what's beyond you

it's in the earth it's in the air
you may not see or feel it there
Catch a glimpse - shooting star
smiling child strumming guitar

When you try too hard you may forget to feel
the love that's all around everything that's real
Just let it come to you
look deep within you know it's true
Rumbling river roll on by
sun so sweet cloud so high . . .
words & music by Christopher Leva
As the snow melts into the river
as the rock tumbles to the sea
as the gift is part of the giver
my love you are the other part of me

As the sands climb up from the ocean
as the trees reach up for the sky
from our love springs our devotion
it just does ain't no telling why

Honey how I need to tell you
I really need to let you know
your precious love has set me free
I never want to let you go

Now that I found you
I want to comfort you
Now that I found you
I want to care for you
Now that I found you
I want to be good to you
Now that I found you
I want to be there for you
words and music by Christopher Leva
It seems that every time we move ahead
then we've got to take another step back again
It seems that every time we move ahead
then we've got to take another step back
in a world where meditations are confused with expectations
and lack of preparation, with surprise
Beyond this mass confusion is a mystical illusion
a set-up for a blessing in disguise

The great power of the gentle one
is a power we can only measure in time
The great strength of the gentle one
that's a strength we can see in time
There ain't no strength in anger just a real and present danger
unless you pull the veil off your eyes.
Challenges await us and temptations that will bait us
are a set-up for a blessing in disguise

There's a message that we all must hear
Either live in love or live in fear
Live in fear and you're crawling through shadows
live in love walking under a rainbow
Thunder may be warning of a tempest that is forming
but question not the method of the skies
Head for better cover watching out for one another
and a storm becomes a blessing in disguise
words & music by Christopher Leva
A flicker of light a circle of sound
you know my spirit could never be bound
by animal deed or animal thought
you know a spirit could never be caught
like a fish in a net, a butterfly
you stick in a jar -- watch struggle and die
I have no fear I feel no dread
I've got the muse my spirit is fed

And waht's behind the doors ahead I'll never guess
for what I can't control will not cause me distress
and as I ride the road there are signs in front of me
and though I may be battered by the stormy sea --

All I know is what I know
is that I just . . . I just don't know

All I know is what I feel
is that this feeling must be real
So what's your name and what's your faith
and what's the time? -- This is no race

All I know is what I know
is that I just . . . I just don't know
traditional, by Jimmy Cliff, copyrighted 1962 Island Limited
words & music by Christopher Leva
Don't care what you do don't care what you say
you know my loving never fades away
Jah gives you sweet sweet music until the day you die
you can't feel my loving if you stop to wonder shy

Skankin' with my soul Jah love has rescued me
skankin' with my soul I taste eternity
skankin' with my soul heartbeat, rhythm, life
skankin' with my soul flow like a river cut like a knife

Through the dancing daylight comes the dark black night
I look deep into your eyes such a beautiful sight
Moving with the rhythm skankin' deep within
you're making me dizzy making my dread head spin

words & music by Christopher Leva
Early in the day in the tropics they pick their breakfast from the trees
when the evening comes then the steel drums make a rhythm through the breeze
All the work is done in the morning sun with sweat and dedication
in the midday heat they all take a seat for some herb and some meditations

Go slow got no better place to go
go slow enjoy your time
All the tourists come lay out in the sun for to darken up their skin
while the natives lay back in the shade feeling warm down deep within
When the stars shine bright in the breezy night then the band begins to play
rockin' to and fro doing the calypso, soca, ska and reggae


For a love that's find take a little time let your mama feel it better
gently stroke her hair when you know care, giving sweet caresses pet her
'Cause a steady beat and a natural heat make a thick and a magic potion
let your heart keep time rhythm fall and climb and a rockin' steady motion


words & music by Christopher Leva
More time race slower I go
what you're running for I never will know
What you seek in front of your face
is behind you too all over the place

The road is long and the road is hard
along the way you may find reward
The struggle is long we will not survive
do the best you can while you're still alive

We break the chains -- ain't nowhere to go
when that time will come don't nobody know
Every morning about the break of day
a beautiful dawn soon burns away

Oppressors try to take my rights
I will not obey I will pay any price
I'll stand my ground I'll not be fleeing
the laws of a human being

There's just one law one great command
and from where it comes I don't understand
One thing I know there's just two ways
either follow the light or in darkness you stay

traditional, by L. Dillon & C. Dodd, BMI, arrangement by Christopher Leva

words & music by Christopher Leva
Overboard and undersaid
quench like water fill like bread
in my ears and in my toes
ebbs like tides and like grass grows

Heat me up and cool me down
moving me with sweet sound
bright -- yeah -- but bluesy
heartland music
words & music by Chistopher Leva
You say you've got troubles today
I don't look at it that way
I know the world has let you down
but you can't let the fire inside you drown

Let the sufferers inspire you
you can't let Babylon tire you
Get together make it better
you just can't change the weather
ride on the eye of the storm

Love will help you on your way
face every moment every day
What good is peace with no justice
I can't take one more broken promise

Love will never let you down
I'll keep fighting 'til I'm six feet under ground
Get together make it better
just can't change the weather
ride on the eye of the storm

Jah know all things best